Football News – Wales – Austria

Wales hosts Austria in a World Cup qualifying game from Group D. This is a must win match for both sides, if they want to remain in the fight for the second place in the group.

It’s a tricky situation both for Wales and Austria. They both have 8 points won so far, but they are still falling with 4 points behind Serbia and Ireland. One of them will have the chance to move closer to the leaders, while the other one will have to say goodbye to its chances. If the match ends with a draw, then most probably it’s going to be fatal for both teams.

Wales are an absolute sensation in the qualifying campaign with their five draws in a row. It’s really a rare thing to see – a team to be in such a long run of draws. After beating Moldova in their first game of the campaign, The Dragons just forgot how to win again.

Now because of this, they are in a difficult situation in this group. They need to beat Austria at any cost, if they want to keep their chances of progressing to the next round.

The same could be said about the Austrians as well. Their record so far is much different than Wales’ – two wins, two draws and two losses. Their goal difference is 9:8, compared to 9:5 for the Brits.

It’s a must win for both teams, if they want to keep their chances. That’s why we expect to see a competitive game between two very motivated sides. Because of their home ground advantage, we could say that Wales are a slight favourite. Despite of their continuing streak of consecutive draws. Can they win this time, when it’s most needed? Well, we shall wait and see. Good luck!