Football News – Wales-Ireland

Wales hosts Ireland in a very decisive match from Group D of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe.

This game is a direct battle for the second place in the group. At the moment Wales have a one point advantage in front of Ireland, so even a draw here would guarantee them the second place in the group. For Ireland it’s clear what they have to do – it’s a win or nothing for them.

Serbia is the current leader in this group and their final fixture is a home game against Georgia. Most surely they will finish first and they will qualify directly for the World Cup.

This is a great Brittish battle for the second place in the group. Wales would have the big advantage to be the home team here. Another huge advantage for them is that they need only a draw to reach their goal.

But there’s one big problem for Wales before this clash – the injury of Gareth Bale.

Wales’ biggest superstar won’t be avaliable for this match. The winger already returned to Real Madrid with an injury, so he won’t be able to participate in the most decisive game of his country in this campaign. This is a huge loss for Wales, but they have to adapt and overcome it. They do not have any other choice.

For Ireland it’s going to be tough – they must win at any cost and do it on enemy’s soil. But who knows – if they show the legendary Irish spirit, maybe they can do it? Most surely, they do not have anything to lose here. The third spot in the group won’t bring them anything, so they have to give their all in Cardiff and hope for the best.

One of these two teams will reach the playoffs, the question is – who?