Leicester City – Manchester United

The final 38th round of the Premier League will be marked with a terrific game at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. Leicester City and Manchester United will face each other and the stake is among the highest ones – a place in Top 4 and a qualification for the Champions League. Are you ready to preview this match with us?

The situation is simple. The team which wins this match at the King Power will play in the Champions League next season. The team which losses will remain out of the Top 4. That’s a huge motivation for both sides to show what they can and give a real fight on Sunday.

Leicester City are currently 5th in the league, but it doesn’t matter that much at the moment. The manager Brendan Rodgers tried to motivate his players as much as possible to record their name in the history books. It does not happen very often to see Leicester City in the Champions League, so these players are having an incredible opportunity ahead of them.

Manchester United’s confidence is shaken after a surprising 1-1 draw with West Ham United at the Old Trafford during the week. Honestly, we didn’t expect that United could lose points against the Hammers, but it happened. Mason Greenwood scored for the Red Devils, but they were unable to secure the three points.

The manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that he’s unhappy with the result, but now it’s not the time to criticize the players. They are days away from their most important game of the season, so they must remain calm.

We have all the reasons to think that Leicester City and Manchester United will offer us a terrific match at the King Power. The stake is as big as it could be – a place in the Champions League. Which one of these two teams will take it?