Magdeburg – Osnabrück

Magdeburg welcomes Osnabrück in a game from the 31th round of the German 3. Liga.

Magdeburg are currently one of the strongest teams in the 3. Liga. They are 2nd in the league standings with 57 points, trailing on 6 points behind the leader Paderborn. So far Magdeburg have a record of 18 wins, 3 draws and 7 defeats, being one of the favourites for a direct promotion to the 2. Bundesliga.

In their last five matches Magdeburg won three times, made one draw and lost once against Hansa Rostock. Magdeburg are currently on par with the 3rd Karlsruher, but they have two games less.

For Magdeburg it’s important to keep the second place at least, because it’d grant them a direct promotion to the 2. Bundesliga without the need to participate in a playoff. But teams like Karlsruher and Wehen Wiesbaden are chasing the same spot as well.

Osnabrück on the other hand are 16th in the 3. Bundesliga with 33 points won so far. The team’s record so far shows 8 wins, 9 draws and 12 defeats. Recently Osnabrück are not in their best shape, winning just one point in their last three games. Right now Osnabrück are in a negative run of two consecutive losses, conceded against Wurzburger Kickers and Preußen Münster. The good news are that Osnabrück are 7 points above the relegation zone of the 3. Bundesliga, which gives them some air to breathe at the moment.

Based on league standings, quality and ambition, Magdeburg are a total favourite against Osnabrück. Especially at home ground. These two teams have totally different goals in front of them. Magdeburg are chasing a promotion to the 2. Bundesliga, while Osnabrück are trying to keep their place in the 3. Liga.

This is our examination for the 3. Liga clash between Magdeburg and Osnabrück.