Football News – Mainz 05 – Leipzig

Mainz 05 welcomes RB Leipzig in a match from the 32th round of the German Bundesliga. Let’s have a look at this game.

Mainz 05 are in a difficult situation right now. They are 15th in the Bundesliga with 30 points and a record of 7 wins, 9 draws and 15 defeats. They are on par with the 16th Freiburg, being very close to the relegation playoff spot in the league. They will want to avoid going down to 16th place at any cost, because if it happens, nothing is sure anymore.

In their last five matches Mainz 05 won once, made two draws and suffered two defeats – including against Augsburg in the last round. Before this Mainz enjoyed a win over Freiburg at home, which was very important for them.

Now RB Leipzig are coming to town.

RB Leipzig are 6th in the Bundesliga with 47 points. Until recently they were competing for a place in the Top 4 and a Champions League qualification, but now they are 5 points behind the 4th Hoffenheim. In other words – their goal of finishing among the first four in the league looks a little bit complicated now. They still have theoretical chance, of course, but it’s a long shot.

Right now RB Leipzig have a record of 13 wins, 8 draws and 10 defeats. In their last five matches they won twice, but right now they are in a run of three consecutive games without a win – one draw and two losses. Including a loss against Hoffenheim in the previous round. It was a tough game for Leipzig, who suffered a 2-5 defeat against Hoffe. A win in this match would give Leipzig a good chance to finish in the Top 4, but Hoffenheim were much better.

This is our take on the Bundesliga game between Mainz 05 and RB Leipzig.